Romantic Relationship Forecast
(Requires both birth times accurate to within about 15 minutes;
if you don't know both birth times, click here for options)

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Romantic Relationship Forecast: One Year

Printout is about 70-75 pages in length. By e-mail, $29.50.

Romantic Relationship Forecast: 6 Months
Printout is about 30-35 pages in length. By e-mail, $16.00


Romantic Relationship Forecast: 3 Months
Printout is about 12-18 pages in length. By e-mail, $9.50.

Romantic Relationship Forecast: One Year Highlights
This report is the same as the above, but interprets only the more important and powerful influences over the year, and does not include the less important influences that last only a few days.
Printout is about 15-25 pages in length. By e-mail, $9.50