This is your page for astrological screensavers!  Get your original Leo Ascending screensavers here. Links to great astrological screensavers on other sites are listed here too.

To download a Leo Ascending screensaver, right-click on the download link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". Save the installer file to any temporary folder on your hard drive (remember where it is). 

Installation is easy -- simply open the installer file and follow the instructions.

Colorful Zodiac sign glyphs whirl merrily through starry space. Glyphs may dance to music or in silence. Enjoy this screensaver for free, compliments of
Leo Ascending Astrological Services
OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me

Download Zodiac Dance

Rosicrucian Fellowship Astroclock Screensaver
The Rosicrucian Fellowship Astroclock Screen Saver displays a full chartwheel according to the time interval you set. Once displayed it updates the chartwheel every minute for your location. The screen saver is great for seeing what the planetary influences are RIGHT NOW.

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AstroClock (astrological desktop clock)
Astroclock is a "live" Astrological chart wheel which is updated every minute. You'll see the Ascendant and other cusps change minute-by-minute, and the current position of the planets gradually moving. The look of the chart is customizable, and it can be sized and placed anywhere on your desktop. The system tray constantly shows the current ascending sign or whether the Moon is Void of Course!

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StarMessage screen saver lets you see the current moon phase, leave messages in the stars of the night sky, and more... 

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